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Reduce or eliminate mistakes on your valuable marketing design work with a quick and easy proofing solution. Our Proofing Manager makes it easy to share content with your stakeholders, collect and collaborate on the content, and ensure you have feedback on time, every time! Our reports show you the status if there are multiple proofs in progress. Plus the ability to store all comments and revisions means you have an audit trail if you ever need it.

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Key Features

Online Proofing

Atlas makes collaborating on design work with your colleagues fast!

  • Multiple Formats:  Quickly upload content to proof in a variety of formats including PDFs, documents, images or videos.
  • Manage Deadlines: ​​​​​​​​Set deadlines to ensure you get feedback from your stakeholders on time, and prevent changes after the due date.
  • Easy Invitations:  Send email invites to your stakeholders who can quickly access the proof with direct links to the task at hand.
  • Permission Controls:  Set permissions allowing stakeholders to see only their feedback, or collaborate on the feedback of others.
  • Auto Reminders: Ensure reviews are completed on time with automated email reminders.
  • Powerful Tools: Leave proofing feedback with a variety of tools, perfect for every type of content.
  • Easy Collaboration:  View and respond to the comments of other proof users to ensure consistent feedback.
  • Manage Revisions:  Quickly circulate revisions back out to stakeholders. Compare earlier versions to ensure changes have been made.
  • Collate Feedback: ​Collate feedback from everyone into a single downloadable file for revision by your studio.
  • Track Progress: ​See the status of the proof at any time, including who has viewed and completed their review.
  • Full Transparency: A single reporting dashboard ensures you know where things are at, and never miss a deadline.
  • Fully Auditable: Trace back any oversights or errors through our auditable trail of comments, revisions and archived files.

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